7 on Sunday

February 21, 2010

Seven random thoughts....

1. I am really over all of the snow and am thankful that March is right around the corner, this means that spring isn't that far away...bring it on!

2. I'm still going strong with working out 4-5 days a week. I haven't seen the scale move much this week, but am not getting discouraged yet. I know that there will be periods that the scale doesn't move, but I have noticed a change in the way my clothes fill. Losing 12 lbs feels good and I am excited to keep going with the last 10-15 lbs.

3. I think the girls are getting cabin fever and can't wait for the weather to change also. Hunter has started acting out this past week. She is so head strong (which she gets from both Jayson and I), that right now it's getting her into trouble when she doesn't listen.

4. Aubrey is cutting the last of her baby teeth and I can't wait until they come in. She is starting to talk more. Her newest words are - watch, that and ball.

5. I am waiting to hear if I will be selected for a couple digital scrapbooking creative teams I applied to. I'm so excited and hope that I will be chosen for one (if not all three) of them. I'll keep you informed!

6. We have bowling tonight. This is the part of the season when it gets harder and harder to go each week. We've been bowling on Sunday since September and I'm ready to have my Sunday nights back...only a couple more months to go!

7. I am on the hunt for some good workout music. I want some hip/hop, dance stuff ...something with a good beat that can help to keep me going on the AMT. Leave me a comment if you can recommend something. Thanks!


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