I would rather be....

July 25, 2012

Since starting graduate school in January, I haven't had time to enjoy my personal hobbies and I am really missing that time right about now.  Instead of reading textbooks & journal articles and answering question after question, related to labor economics and employee relations.... I would rather be......

  • Working on my project life pages.  I am so far behind it isn't even funny.  Thank goodness for my iphone - between my iphone camera, instragram and Momento, I have photos and journaling ideas ready to go.  
  • Reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series
  • Learn how to use my new-to-me sewing machine
  • Work on my granny square afghan
  • Take a Saturday afternoon nap
  • Go to another zumba class (I loved my first (and only) class).  
Only 13 days until this semester is in the books and I can enjoy a much needed 18 day break...WOOHOO!


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